Expanded Access Policy

Xeris recognizes that patients may seek access to medicines currently in our pipeline through Expanded Access. Our Expanded Access Policy is outlined here.

Expanded Access Policy

Xeris is committed to developing medicines that address unmet medical needs. This is accomplished through the:

  • Conduct of clinical trials
  • Subsequent regulatory approval
  • Commercialization of our products

Clinical trials are used to:

  • Evaluate investigational new treatments
  • Generate safety and efficacy information required to obtain marketing approval
  • Make treatments available to the broader patient population

More information about clinical trials with Xeris investigational products can be found at clinicaltrials.gov.

Xeris recognizes that patients with serious or life-threatening diseases:

  • May have exhausted all available treatment options, and
  • May not qualify for a clinical trial

These patients may seek access to investigational medicines, a process called Expanded Access, Compassionate Use, Early Access, Special Access, or by another name based on the country from which the request is being made.

Patients who participate in placebo-controlled clinical trials often do so with the understanding that the only benefit they may receive is their contribution to improving medical knowledge. At Xeris, we respect the selflessness of those participating in our clinical trials and will not allow Expanded Access to an investigational therapy until all Phase 3 trial(s) are completed.

Please check back periodically for any updates or changes. For additional information, please contact us.